Emblematic Essence


Location: Ponsanooth Woods, Truro, Cornwall

Equipment: Hasselblad, Metz

This study remains connected to enhancing the perception of our society being one of increasing pace and activity. We rarely take time out for ourselves let alone time to reflect on life. Today we live in a stress-inflicting world; one that desperately seeks yet forever fails to relax, reflect or respond to the essence of our existence – the pure nature of ourselves.

This series of images reflect a change in myself. A search and enquiry into calming elements of our natural surroundings. Objects that bring about positivity and subdue negative thoughts. The use of calming juxtaposition of earthy tones represents the world around us with the vibrant positive aspects that uplifts our lives at times. This demonstrates, not a struggle, but a means to understanding a personal state-of-mind overcome and controlled.