#Repost @theblurtfoundation with @get_repost・・・WE ALL HAVE A STORY // Behind the filters, the edits and the masks, there's often vulnerability, tough times, pain, and shame – we're all human after all and life is messy.Today, we're celebrating the all-of-us stories, using the hashtag #weallhaveastory.We don't often realise *just* how interesting and insightful our own personal story can be to another. Championing other people's highlights and hustle is something we're well-versed in, thanks to social media. But when we give space to the grottier bits of ourselves and others? It's powerful. It sets off a chain reaction, the conversation seldom ends there. We open the door of vulnerability for others to walk through, and they don't half do just that.Our story helps people see us as a human, it helps them realise that they are not alone. Sharing both sides of our stories also turns the tide on the highly-edited, highly-filtered and curated social media feeds, turning them into something a little more real and relatable.Mental health still, sadly, struggles beneath the shroud of stigma and shame. But Brene Brown explains it best when she says: 'If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can’t survive.' And that, right there, is what today is about. Telling our stories, to help to cultivate a culture where shame can't survive, addressing the many elephants in the room. And, making an effort to respond to the stories of others with empathy and understanding. @doodlebotillustration – Cat Woods Instagram

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