Monthly Subscription Box | Pawsome Box – July 2015



Pawsome box offer tailored boxes for your breed, size and age of your dog. So the content of your box may differ to your neighbour, so beware of the jealousy factor!

Trixie – Multi-vitamin paste

This delicious Multi-vitamin paste will not only recharge your dog’s batteries, but their happiness too! Give your pooch a lift this month with this great paste!


GeoPlast Bone

The sun is here and that means only one thing … time for the outside world! You are guaranteed a great game of fetch in the sun. What more could you possibly want?


Cuddly Plush

With the cuddly plush, we are sure that you will have a great time! Snuggles whilst sunbathing, or a little game of tug – great times are ahead!


GeoPlast Bowl

This bowl will be useful, whether you are going for a walk in the fields or even a holiday, this bowl is perfect for both water and food – any time, any place.


Goodboy – Crunchy Chicken Treats

Having a barbeque? Let your pooch join in! With these delicious chicken treats from Goodboy, make your favourite four-legged friend feel like part of the party!


Mutt & Jeff – Treats

Delicious ham and cheese treats which not only have a high content of nutritious meat but are healthy and natural too!


And the pamphlet containing useful snapshots of information!



Here’s the pricing breakdown…

Pawsome Box – £15.90 per month with an annual Subscription + FREE delivery.

The longer the subscription, the greater the saving.

  • Rolling monthly is £19.90
  • A 6-month plan works out as £17.90 per box
  • 12 months equates to £15.90 a box

And not forgetting the cat lovers amongth us (of which I know there’s a few!), there’s the Purrfect Box – £15.90 per month with an annual subscription + FREE delivery (same price break down as the Pawsome Box.

Cat Woods

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