When ASOS’ ecommerce automated fulfilment goes wrong #ASOS

Today I received my second incorrect ASOS order and this time I decided to take the issue to Twitter.

ASOS not navy dress
ASOS not navy dress

First off I want to admit that unlike some people I know I’m not an avid ASOS shopper. I still prefer to physically see, feel and try on items in store. In the past 3 years I’ve placed 2 successful orders, I can’t recall exactly what I ordered, I only know that as I checked my online account.

My recent purchase harps back to the ‘what colour is the dress, blue/black or gold?’ shenanigans that took the world by storm, virally, several months back.

After much filtering and searching I found a perfect dress for wedding taking place in August this year. I’m the plus one of the best man and the invite received in the last few weeks. He’s going in a Navy suit do a Navy dress to match was what I was after! It was a bonus that it was in the sale, so great, purchase done and dusted. Standard emails and text received to track the package, and gratefully received a week later.

But much to my surprise when I open it up to find a baby blue dress not a navy one. Without even trying on the dress back it goes with a return collection arranged as soon as possible. Enclosed within the sealed package is a print out of my order confirmation which clearly shows a Navy dress, and a Navy colour ordered plus a small note added to the returns note that it’s Navy that I wanted.

Checking the website I discover that not only is the Navy dress no longer in stock… Hmmm… I wonder how this is going to be handled!

With no comms at all from ASOS over the next week nor any way of checking if my return was ever received, I receive a text to say my orders on its way, perfect! Obviously they’ve miraculously found a Navy dress and now it’s winging its way to me.

I happen to login today to check my order and its arrived at work already. Excited I go to retrieve it and open it up only to discover, if you haven’t guessed by now, it’s Baby Blue … Again!

This time I take to Twitter with a tweet to @ASOS_HeretoHelp, within minutes I get a response starting ‘not cool’ and please DM us with information only to then be asked if I want a replacement or a refund. Here’s a screen grab of the short and sweet, limited to Twitter character limit, ‘conversation’.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 08.44.01 Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 08.45.58

The main point here is that this is either an automated fulfilment fail so no doubt another customer and countless previous customers have also received this dress in error. As you’ll see from the Tweet the label on the dress clearly states ‘Navy’ and as is perfectly visible from the image is that the dress in the bag is clear NOT Navy. If it’s not an automated system, then it’s a manual check that’s failed… Twice.

So whilst I hope I get my refund soon, I’m left wondering if this Baby Blue dress will ever be labelled correctly and see its way to someone that does want it! I wish you well Baby Blue dress!

Cat Woods

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