Monthly Subscription Box | Pawsome Box – January 2015

Following my sneak peak post a few days ago, and a run down of a range of Pet Monthly Subscription Boxes. Here I give a rundown of each of the products included in the Pawsome Box (January box). Live testing in being undertaken at the moment, so I look forward to sharing with you all the video footage!

Pawsome box offer tailored boxes for your breed, size and age of your dog. So the content of your box may differ to your neighbour, so beware of the jealousy factor!

PetGear Collar Flashlight

A genius idea that I’ve seen on dogs whilst being out walking at night! A great concept, runners have lights at night as do cyclist so why not dogs!


Mutt & Jeff Crunchy Chicken Bites

This is certainly more than a trial size packet of treats! Obviously as a human I cannot comment on smell, texture or flavour! And i’m certainly not trying them… yet! But it’s great to see a full sized packet in the box rather than a trial size containing just a few samples!


Trixe – Bacon Strips

As with the above, very impressed in a full resealable packet (85g) being supplied! Hopefully they’ll be well received! Video footage coming soon!


Baseball Chew

I’m thinking this should come with a warning! ‘Will cause mess’ warning! I can imagine dogs up and down the country chasing and catching this for hours, and then eventually getting through the out skin to the real treat inside.


Super Squeak Vinyl Squeaky Toy – Hot Dog

This did make me chuckle, a hot *dog* toy for a dog! Maybe it’s just me! We’ll await to see if it causes a freak out or general squeaky annoyance very soon! If it lasts that long…


Nobbly Wobbly Toy


Paw Notes – Monthly pamphlet

Unlike most ‘human’ monthly subscription boxes, Pawsome box contains a really informative booklet. Containing not just information about the products but other useful information for dog lovers! In this issue was advice if you are taking your dog to America, doggie language illustrations (as opposed to Body language for us humans!), and tips on how to handle your dog’s attachment to you.


Slightly odd is that there’s no where that tells you now much each product retails for nor any indication of where you go to buy the product. So if a product was well received you’ll need to do some Googling to hunt down where to buy it.

Subsequently you cannot go to purchase the products from the Pawsome Box website which as a monthly subscriber I’d find a little irritating. I’d quite like to go to one place to buy the products I’d tried, rather than have to hunt them all down all over the place. Hopefully this is all ‘coming soon’!

I’m aware that some pets can be particularly fussy when it comes to food, so much so that even a slight change in ingredients can cause problems. Therefore the subscription box concept is a great concept to try different treats and toys, and no need to go hunting around in shops and it’s all delivered direct to you door!

Here’s the pricing breakdown…

Pawsome Box – £15.90 per month with an annual Subscription + FREE delivery.

The longer the subscription, the greater the saving.

  • Rolling monthly is £19.90
  • A 6-month plan works out as £17.90 per box
  • 12 months equates to £15.90 a box

And not forgetting the cat lovers amongth us (of which I know there’s a few!), there’s the Purrfect Box – £15.90 per month with an annual subscription + FREE delivery (same price break down as the Pawsome Box.

Cat Woods

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