Monthly Subscriptions Boxes | for pets

Previously I’ve written posts for subscription boxes that have always gone down well but it would seem that I’ve not accommodated man’s best friend!

It would seem we like to surprise our furry companions with little monthly treats in the same we we like to treat ourselves!

And actually there’s a massive selection to choose from! Some are even customised to age, size and breed of pet!

Pawsome Box

£15.90 per month with an annual Subscription + FREE delivery

Previous delights include Camon massage glove, Jolly Doggy latex Santa beard, Minty rubber ball from Petbrands, and Protein Shampoo from Biogance.

Purrfect Box

£15.90 per month with an annual subscription + FREE delivery

Run by the same company, previous treats include Merry nice toys from Happypet, Chick’n Snack Sandwiches from Karlie Flamingo, Paw pattern blanket for Pets by SIL and Roller Pop by Trixie.


£9.95 per month + FREE delivery

They don’t give a lot away on their site in terms of brands. So the list is fairly generic; toys, catnip, treats, cat grass and the … Box!


£16.95 per box with a six month subscription + FREE delivery

They don’t list brands they’re associated with so you’d need to take what you will from this statement ‘high quality treats, toys and other goodies to get their dog wagging.’


£17.99 per month with a six month subscription + FREE DELIVERY

Previous boxes contained brands such as Lilly’s kitchen, Barkers Brew, Gor Pets, Farm Foods Antler, and Hungry Hector Cornish Cluckies.

They also feature a Puppy Box containing Ancol self heating pet pad, Ancol ‘Sleepy Paws’ comfort blanket, Mille & Ellie ‘Millie the Dog’ soft toy, Becothings ‘BecoHoop’ husk rubber dog hoop, Pooch and Mutt ‘Puppy Development Treats’, and Two packs of Pet Munchies Chicken and Calcium Bone’

Spoiled Rotten Box

$19.99 per month with a twelve month subscription + Free Shipping

By Petflow, this site forces you to sign up which wasn’t actually functioning at the time of writing this post. So from what I can gather they cater for dogs and cats but don’t provide bespoke content for breeds. No easy-to-access information on what brands they offer.

Top collar

£4.49 per box with no subscription fully inclusive of delivery.

As of the date of this article they are offering your first box at half price!

Offers a fortnightly box which is different to the rest of the market. The box contains healthy treat biscuits from a selection of recipes that you can log in to rate. They state the treats are made from fresh, natural and human quality ingredients but I’m not too sure if I’ll be tasting the Full English or Sunday Roast to find out! Or will I?


*US but does ship outside the contiguous 48 states for a fee*
$19.99 per month with a twelve month subscription + Free Shipping

Another one that isn’t open about products or brands with this statement ‘four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog – anything from toys, bones and all-natural treats to hygiene products and innovative new gadgets!’

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