The gadget of 2015? Apple Watch or Cicret?

I’ve had my smart watch, Pebble, was quite a while now and still love it. I love not being so tied to my phone and feeling like I have to check my phone every few minutes. Mainly because my phone is permanently on silent and I switched the vibration off, this due to not disturbing me at work, on the train or whilst sleeping.

Since I backed Pebble on Kickstarter I always secretly wanted to hold out for the Apple Watch (or the iWatch as many believed it would be named) but nonetheless it wasn’t on the horizon despite the rumor-mill well and truly underway.

apple watch

2014 saw Apple finally announce the Apple Watch but to a much disappointed crowd that it was not to surface for Christmas but early 2015! Such a disappointment, particularly with competitors no longer hot on the wheels of Apple but on this occasion Pebble!

In recent months a new technology is in Prototype phase is Cicret, suggesting that Apple’s new product launch is going to be far behind the times before it actually hits the shelves. I’m sure, along with many others, this won’t stop us queuing up or pre-ordering an Apple Watch as soon as we are able to! But ‘early 2015’? What does that actually mean?

Cicret? What’s that I hear you say? (well potentially anyway! I always hope that someone out that does actually read this far into my ramblings!) Cicret is an combination of an mobile App and a bracelet – the bracelet acts as a projector that displays a screen on your arm! The screen is touchable, clickable, interactive – and does sound incredibly futuristic. You can read more about it here – and they are certainly reiterating that it’s very much still a prototype and not available to purchase … anywhere … at all … yet! Will definitely be keeping an eye out on this little masterpiece. Yes, I am a little geeky gadget girlie!

Cat Woods

Creativity has always been an important aspect of my life and has been a natural instinct to progress within the creative industry. Throughout my education I have always been inspired by my emotional state of mind at that time. This is most evident through the study Emblematic Essence which taught me a great deal not only about myself but life as a whole. It was a monumental, positive thinking turning point and influenced me greatly, providing a solid basis from which I have grown and developed as an individual. To bullet point my multitude of skills so far - Digital account manager, Project manager, Social media “guru”, Digital image retoucher, Photographer, Tarot reader, Shoden qualified Jikiden Reiki practitioner, Make-up artist, Radio DJ