Date night in today’s society & Getting back in touch with reality

With the busy lifestyles we lead it’s becoming increasingly the norm to arrange a special night with your loved one. In a bid to rekindle the flame or simply to have a chance to spend some much needed quality time together!

It’s a phrase that is common place with couples but not a term I ever heard my parents say! So why has date night become a much needed break from routine in today’s society?

Modern day life sees us now constantly in touch with everyone by mobile calls, text messages, emails, voicemail, tweets, Facebook, skype, snapchat, instagram, whatsapp, viber… To be honest the list goes on… And then some. Be it on the train, on the bus, walking down the highstreet more often than not you’ll see people head’s down on their phones tirelessly scrolling down for constant updates… On other people’s activities… Rarely stopping to actually engage with anyone… When did it become acceptable to simply be informed about someone’s life than actually be a physically part of it? Or is it acceptable?

Do we accept sitting down to watch the television in the evening only to discover that the titles of your favourite show are going up and you can’t recall any content of the show? Or sitting down for dinner with the family only for phone’s to beep and be checked throughout the meal?

We clutch to them like we do our wallets! These little devices we hold so dear to our hearts are creating the future generations on non-engagement!

We try and escape them for holidays to have down time from digital engagement. There are holiday retreats now available to help you concur your fears of spending time away from the ‘social digital world.’

Is this the future? Do we really have to take away time from everyday reality to escape the digital world or will we ever successfully integrate it into to our everyday with the fear of addiction?

Are date nights the start of the reversal process taking us back to being socially engaging beings capable of slowing our pace to physically communicate?

Doing the rounds on social media a while back was this awe inspiring video and if you’ve scrolled this far then what’s an extra few minutes to watch this!

Cat Woods

Creativity has always been an important aspect of my life and has been a natural instinct to progress within the creative industry. Throughout my education I have always been inspired by my emotional state of mind at that time. This is most evident through the study Emblematic Essence which taught me a great deal not only about myself but life as a whole. It was a monumental, positive thinking turning point and influenced me greatly, providing a solid basis from which I have grown and developed as an individual. To bullet point my multitude of skills so far - Digital account manager, Project manager, Social media “guru”, Digital image retoucher, Photographer, Tarot reader, Shoden qualified Jikiden Reiki practitioner, Make-up artist, Radio DJ