Marathon 7 – Summer Ranscombe Challenge

Marathon 7 – Summer Ranscombe Challenge


Is it wrong that I hadn’t really thought about this one. No major training ahead of this, no real distance running. I knew the course back at Ranscombe Country Park (the little hidden gem that a lot of people don’t know about) and had my strategy – walk the climbs, and walk the 5th lap as a recovery! And use what’s left in the tank for the 6th and final lap. Simples! (Who’d’ve thought it!)

For this one I had the pleasure of running with my cousin Helen. We kept to a nice steady pace. Have run the route on two other occasions we stuck to my game plan which works a treat. Whilst some runners don’t take kindly to walking this tactic works for my just fine at moment. Keep running and when an incline comes up, and it feels like it’ll be quicker to frog March up it that’s exactly what I do!

It was great to have company for the full distance. With the superb weather and views the miles ticked by. There were the usual treats at the aid station and numerous cups of juice for re-hydration.

We even managed to keep going for the last part of the fifth lap which was great. And we finally caught sight of the Eurostar as well whilst not the main goal it made the run down by the line much more fun! Come the 6th lap we had an aim of getting under 6hrs 40mins. As we made our way up through the woods and back in the road we were ambling happily along. Two cars then came up behind so we decided to sprint like hell to the finish line which left us both laughing hysterically! We’d done it! Phew!

Another one down. Another one to add to the tally. Another suitable button to find. Here’s to the next one!

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