Marathon 10 – Winnie The Pooh Wander

Marathon 10 – Winnie the Pooh wander

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So I’d planned to do more training ahead of this one, bar a trip to Spain for a much need holiday that involved a lot of walking, a speedy run in the heat and a jolly hilly hill run (in the heat) plus the usual club night runs… I’d not done a awful lot. Plus after the last one something was up with my back too… and you might’ve guessed I’ve not had it looked into (naughty Cat) but have been doing some rolling.

Mum had very kindly sent some nails transfers of Winnie The Pooh through the post so Friday I spent more time prepping my nails than I did my kit bag!

Hel and Gil also came down to run as well so it was a lovely pre-run Friday night mostly involving blankets, SodaStreams and chatting! Perfect!

I felt relatively relaxed for this one having sussed the course out way back when I knew what to expect. Loads of friendly familiar faces when we arrived so the company as always was fantastic. And a large volume that were doing the double too, really hoping I manage a few of those next year!

As we headed out I was fully prepped for what was to come, I knew to fly down the hill and walk up the other side. However, what I wasn’t aware of was on that we were turning right halfway up the hill rather than going straight on…which meant that the hill I flew down I now had to go back up…. and that would mean doing that 6 times.

Once at that top and trying not to think about doing it again, we crossed the road and were on our way round the larger loop. I look up the next hill and mentally got ready again but thought it odd I couldn’t see anyone going up it. When I reached the junction I then know why, we were turning right which meant doing the 2nd loop in the reverse direction we’d walked it! Another mental challenge to overcome.

As I came the end of the first lap, it had taken me about the same time to complete both loops. The first being 2 miles and the second being 3. That should give you an idea of just how hilly the first loop was.

As always there was lots of fab support and encouragement at the aid station, and by fellow runners. I met and accompanied Zoe Cook for the 5th lap, lots of chatter around the way but then something crazy happened. I’d started, as I always seem too, that if I kept at a steady pace I could come in under 6 hours. I’m not going lie the final, now called, mini loop was hard but knowing it was final time for each little climb I kept on going. The straight sections seemed endless, but the last few miles flew by. I was massively aware of the time but once I knew it was possible I dug in and finished ecstatic with my time. Big hugs all round! Even managed a little boogie by the car to some classic 80s tune – that was my version of a warm down!

Massive congratulations to my cousins, Hel and Gil for completing their distance! And to those from Orpington Road Runners who ran in very different conditions the following day!

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