Marathon 8 – Punk Run

Marathon 8 – Punk Run


Wow it was a hot one! Super super hot, with not a lot of respite with limited tree cover for an ever so small section.

I had company from Helen and Gillian, Giles and a few familiar Orpies and parkrunners. This makes out and back sections far more enjoyable as everyone encourages each other on. I particularly look forward to seeing where others are in their run, it keeps the mind occupied like you wouldn’t believe.

The route started out with a small section of Cycloparks Mountain bike trail, onto a small section of the road circuit before heading out. I was on familiar terrain as the course was similar to my first marathon back in January, albeit in stark contrast weather wise! Gladly we didn’t head over the bridge over the A2, we carried on to the turnaround point for the lovely mainly downhill stretch heading back into Cyclopark.

A little twist was being able to film a lap with the GoPro (thanks Giles!). Whilst it would’ve been great to film more I managed to capture an entire lap. Makes editing a lot easier, but watching it is in hindsight a little long! Hey ho!

The heat took its toll as I tried to rehydrate at the end of each lap. By lap 5 I was forcing down a flapjack swiftly followed by liquid as swallowing was getting difficult. By this point, like many others it was easier to walk the mountain bike path and getting into the running rhythm as I made my way onto the out and back.

Lap 6 was hard, I was flagging massively in the heat. But being cheered on by Hels and Gills made it all worthwhile, it was great to have the cheering squad there!

Lap 7 I had Giles’ company, and thankfully he took my Camelbak from him to help me lighten the load. My breathing was getting heavier as I used my last ounce of energy to get though it. Giles’ thought he was in an ‘easy’ lap, but I was determined to keep on running and walking up the little slopes when necessary. It was such a relief to finish and receive another superb medal for the year’s collection.

So 8 down, it’s going by so quickly but oddly I feel like I have it in me to handle one a month!

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