Marathon Six – Viking Coastal Marathon

Marathon Six – Viking Coastal Marathon

Another marathon under the belt and now halfway through the 12 in 12 challenge.

My 6th marathon saw a return to the SVN runs this time on the north Kent coast. To save a super early start I once again decided to stay at a Premier Inn armed with croissants and juice for the morning which as always is a struggle to force feed myself with such an early start. 7am and we were off.

Somehow I was at the front of the pack but this lasted for a split second as the majority made their way passed me. On I went keeping to a steady pace, albeit a little too hasty. The course was perfect, nice and flat out and back. Not too windy, or warm, and no rain. There were a few bumps that caused some of my fellow runners to trip, I saw a few double knee bleeding peeps.

I managed to run further than the marathon distance due to the pure fact that the toilet facilities were off course, 26.9 miles running in total at the end. That was only two toilet detours.

With 4 laps this time the distance disappeared quickly. And come the last loop I’d worked out that I could get a PB. Somehow once again I had enough in me to push the last mile which saw my official time as 5.14.10, with my Garmin running time coming in under 5 hours. This means the next goal, for a flat course, will be no stopping to see if I can officially come in under 5 hours. We’ll see. As I keep saying, this year is survive 12 marathons injury free, and let my body slowly become accustom to the distance.

I could say that this is my most perfect marathon conditions yet, if it wasn’t for the pesky breaks, it really would’ve been perfect. Halfway through now. Onto the next one!

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