Epson Runsense SF-810 my running Coach – GPS & HR Accuracy

As my final review I’m again comparing against Garmin Connect with the 920 using the web apps side by side.

The Epson GPS faltered slightly when under tree cover with the GPS loosing accuracy, whereas the Garmin maintained the course line. But overall was pretty bang on.

The HR was pretty much the same, but I’m aware you do have to have the watch quite tight to your wrist for the heart rate to be picked up, which I’m not particular keen on. I don’t want to be running and feel like my hand is having the oxygen supply cut off. Having said that the monitoring mirrors quite closely to that of the Garmin heart rate monitor strap.

All other stats are pretty much equal in comparison with the average HR for split, and calories burnt. So in terms of accuracy, there’s not a lot in it, as long as the Epson is deciding to play ball on the day.

See my earlier review for the glitches I experienced.

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Cat Woods

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