Epson Runsense SF-810 my running Coach – real time data upload to app

A longer video than planned, and still edited, but purposely done to demonstrate just how slow the upload process is in real-time. It was great to see the interface of the App has been updated, but it was all for show as the data that you want to see is still the same as it was before.

I’ve no idea why you select each run and then select to upload each one – this should be a seamless function. I’d far rather this process be automated, and if I don’t want a run to be on the App then I should be able to delete it.

The run I uploaded was only a 5k and I’m surprised at how long this small amount of data took to upload. I’m a marathon runner and fear how long it would take to sync. I hope baby steps are planned and being made with the App development, but when there’s plenty of options in the market to compete against it’s disappointing to see an App and sync mechanic as bad as this is.

Yes, it’s great that you can use your phone to grab data from the watch but it shouldn’t be such a painful process that it is at the moment.

Sorry, but this needs a massive overhaul.

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Cat Woods

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