Epson Runsense SF-810 my running Coach – first run

I ran for the first time with the watch for a half marathon and was bitterly disappointed, half way round the course that the watch had stopped recording the run. This meant that mid run I had to search for GPS, and strangely enter in all my settings once again.

I’m just about getting to grips with the interface, but it still doesn’t feel intuitive or natural, and I really have to concentrate and remember how to access each menu, and know what button does what.

I’m loving the fact that you can physically turn the watch off, a element that is not that common with other brands. The GPS does take an awful long time to pick up a signal which is frustrating when you just want to run.

The battery life does seem to last longer than I thought it would. Unlike previous watches, I’ve not had the warning alert / vibration when my pace dips below the set pace. I see this a little nudge when on the flat, but I tend to chuckle when I’m running uphill as I’m well aware that I’ve slowed.

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Cat Woods

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