One week to go until marathon number two

This week so my 2016 challenge become a little more challenging by securing a ballot place in RideLondon… eeek! Also, whilst it could be classed as tapering I’m not well …eurgh! It’s just a cold but I’ve missed a mid-week run, plus my beloved weekend long run.

It’s not like I’ve not been training, having managed one long run, plus some short bursts mid-week, and my first hill training sessions. But is it too little too late… only time will tell.

I’ve been in touch with the organiser’s of next week’s event about the hard 6-hour cut and whilst there appears to be a level of leniency it’s not looking very comforting. That means no stopping, I’ve got to keep walking as a minimum. The course is renowned for being hilly, so using the lessons from the first one, I’ve got to go out SLOW! And hope to keep it up. The other difficulty is no headphones. That means 6 hours of listening to my mind, this will definitely be a mentally challenging event.

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Cat Woods

Creativity has always been an important aspect of my life and has been a natural instinct to progress within the creative industry. Throughout my education I have always been inspired by my emotional state of mind at that time. This is most evident through the study Emblematic Essence which taught me a great deal not only about myself but life as a whole. It was a monumental, positive thinking turning point and influenced me greatly, providing a solid basis from which I have grown and developed as an individual. To bullet point my multitude of skills so far - Digital account manager, Project manager, Social media “guru”, Digital image retoucher, Photographer, Tarot reader, Shoden qualified Jikiden Reiki practitioner, Make-up artist, Radio DJ