Cat Woods

Photography has always been a passion from an early age and therefore only natural that creativity plays an important role in my life. Over the years my skills have developed to suit the technological world of today. Long gone are the days spent in a darkroom waiting for prints to develop but definitely not forgotten. Always striving for perfection I embraced the world of digital retouching which help me to hone my retouching skills and techniques, spending many an hour digitally enhancing each image to a satisfactory level.

Along with photography is my love for digital image retouching and a passion for anything social media – having now been termed in the office ‘the social media guru’!

This exhibition of work is a collection of predominantly my photographic studies developed over the years for all to see rather than being kept stored away.

I’ve recently become a Shoden qualified Jikiden Reiki practitioner as well. So another string has been added to my bow! Looking forward to developing this over the next few years, and aiming to be teaching by the summer of 2014. Watch this space for updates on this!


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